QAMP 32 June 1st 2008 Michigan, & Florida, & Delegates oh my

by Queens Artists on June 1, 2008

Tell me what you want to hear. This week I want to hear from everyone and tell me what podsafe music you want to hear. Send me your ideal podsafe set list via email. And I’ll Play it.

Email your set list to qa {dot} podcast {at} gmail {dot} com

All the Talk this has been about what’s going on with Michigan and and their Democratic delagates. I figured why not try to come up with a podcast that featured music in the same vein. This was my attempt. Enjoy it. Happy June!!!

  1. Hot Fun In The by Alan Hewitt on Metropolis
  2. by on Painting A Burning Building
  3. Over Lake Michigan by Angry Red Planet on
  4. Divide The Day – Everybody in Florida Wears
  6. Election Day by Lima Charlie on It’s So Easy to be Creepy
  7. Florida Song by Lucky Linda 8 Peace Wins The Election by
  8. Where is my Vote by Messian Dread
  9. Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious
  10. Silly Puddy by
  11. Donkeys and Elephant by Gecko 3

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